Shakopee H.S. Class of 2020

graduation announcement selection

Juniors - now is the time to begin deciding graduation announcement features that your class would like to capture in the Class of 2020 Graduation Announcement!

graduation ANNOUNCEMENT overview:

The Shakopee Saber graduation announcement will feature the school crest, school colors, graduation ceremony details and building etching inside.

The announcement is ordered by seniors & sent to family and close friends to share your graduation accomplishment and/or invite to your commencement ceremony.

The Class of 2019 announcement image is shown in this section. While certain features are decided by the school…the Class of 2020 can choose other elements to make it unique to your graduating class. See the options below and then take the survey to vote on what you like best!

Shakopee Anno.jpg

1) Select your class design:

Choose from one of the 6 designs below.

Note: options provide the design layout and look. Shakopee 2020 announcement will include school colors, crest and features.

Design #1 -  horizontal

Design #1 - horizontal

Design # 4 -  horizontal

Design # 4 - horizontal

Design #2 -  horizontal

Design #2 - horizontal

Design # 5 -  horizontal

Design # 5 - horizontal

Design # 3 -  horizontal

Design # 3 - horizontal

Design # 6 -  vertical

Design # 6 - vertical

2) Select Paper Color

There are a variety of school color paper color options to pick from. The school’s foil color is silver. However, accent colors of black, red and silver can be used in any of the design options chosen above.

Note: images below detail paper color. As noted above, 2020 Shakopee Announcement would use school color for foil, engraved and embossed options.

Paper Color.jpg

3) complete survey to cast your vote!

The announcement design, color and features are selected each year by the incoming Senior class to share what is important and unique about your graduating class! Final announcement design will be selected based on what features the majority of students vote on. Take the survey to give your opinion on what best represents the Class of 2020 and being a Shakopee Saber!