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Are you grad ready? 

It is hard to believe...but, graduation will be here soon!  Take the time now to order essentials and make things this spring a breeze.


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Celebrate your senior year!  Order Class of 2019 Senior gear and Andover HS Class of 2019 gear.  Personalize AHS apparel and gear with countless icons or add your name.  Name brand apparel available.  No minimums required!

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Class of 2019 Senior Apparel & Gear

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ANdover High School class ring

Your high school class ring or jewelry is the iconic symbol of high school.  Your one-of-a-kind jewelry captures your style & what you want to remember most about your high school experience.  It is the perfect way to start the year or celebrate your graduation accomplishment.  

Jostens has hundreds of styles, stones, options & symbols to capture your unique story.  Every ring is handcrafted and unique to YOU!

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celebrate this year

Take time to enjoy the journey...graduation and your next chapter awaits!  Jostens has everything you need to make your senior year,  graduation and grad party memorable! 

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