Graduating from high school is one of the top milestones that almost everyone can remember in their life time.  Taking the time and effort to celebrate your graduation achievement in the right way is important.  It is probably easier to treat the celebration like an everyday occasion - yet, similar to a birth announcement or wedding - you will want to take the necessary steps to preserve this celebration for years to come.  


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What do people expect?  How will you honor those that helped you achieve your goal?  How will you want to remember your high school years?  Properly announcing your accomplishment includes:

  1. Formally Announce- unfortunately, Facebook invites, Instagram posts, Evites and other popular methods to share your graduation news are too informal.  These are great ways to supplement your announcement, but the proper way to tell others about your accomplishment is to announce it formally.
  2. Make a List- typically family - grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc.; family friends, coaches, special teachers, mentors, church or spiritual advisors and close friends.  Most people will have at least 30 people they need to formally announce & thank for their support.  
  3. Announcement Etiquette-  
    - Formal Announcement-  sending an announcement with important school details, including graduation date, time and place is important.  Graduation is the pinnacle of your high school's year and showcases the 13 years of support for the current graduating class.  Your school announcement by Jostens will include all elements that are important to your school and honor their part in your accomplishment.
    -Make It Personal- include your senior portrait or personal photo.  A newer popular option is to enclose a photo card designed to your style, as well as including your future plans and/or Graduation Party information.
    -Give Thanks- a personal written note should be included to announcement recipients, either written on the announcement directly or enclosed separately to thank them for their encouragement and support.  Specific examples of how they encouraged you is best.
    -Graduation Ceremonyit should be noted that announcements are not invitations to the Graduation Ceremony.  If your school limits the attendance at commencement, you should indicate.  Many announcements make this notation for you.  
    -Party Invitations- If you choose to not include a photo card with your Graduation Party information, plan to send a party or open house invitation at a later date.  

Graduation Ceremony

Excitement about graduating often ends up with many last minute questions about expectations for the ceremony itself.  The commencement is often an unexpected emotional event.  Be sure to first understand and respect the rules your school outlines for the ceremony.  With all the anticipation - don't forget to take photographs at home prior to leaving & at the ceremony (where allowed) - both individually and with family & friends.

                                        More questions...?


Graduation Party Planning

Planning your graduation party celebration can seem overwhelming!  There are a variety of things to consider - from the date of the party to theme and budget.  Understanding what important elements you want to incorporate can help the task seem less daunting.  

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