Graduating from high school is one of the top milestones that almost everyone can remember in their lifetime.  Taking the time and effort to celebrate your graduation achievement the right way is important.  Enjoy this year & remember it for years to come! 


preparing for your senior year:

We've made it easy for you to get Grad ready!  See the Graduation Checklist below for step by step instructions on everything you need to do to make this year a success! 

These steps can be done at anytime of year, except your Cap & Gown reservation.  However, we've created convenient Grad Packages that let you order early to make your spring less stressful.  There will be an overwhelming amount of tasks as graduation approaches.  Grad packages include everything you need in one convenient package!

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Graduation Checklist

1.  Reserve Your Cap & Gown-  

You will reserve your cap & gown for graduation in the fall of your senior year.  It is important to submit your accurate height and weight to ensure proper fit.  

Most students will need to submit their information directly to us.  Please, click here to select your school and submit your information via our Cap & Gown form for your school.  If your school is not listed, it is likely that you submit the information directly to your school.  If you have any questions on where to submit your information, please email us.

2.  celebrate your 2019 senior year-

Starting the year off as a senior is exciting!  You will want to order your Class of 2019 apparel & gear at the beginning of the year to maximize the time you have to celebrate!  

Jostens Class of 2019 items - to show off your senior status.  There is also custom school 2019 apparel, gear and accessories.  Personalize with your school colors, mascots, name and sports or icons!  Hundreds of options to show your 2019 school status and no minimums!

Shop Jostens 2019 & Custom School 2019

3.  order graduation ceremony essentials-

Your school's custom announcement should be ordered for sending out to anyone attending your graduation ceremony.  The custom announcement has the commencement date, time and place.  It also includes important elements to the school, such as school building etching, mottos, school symbol and more.

Each custom announcement is carefully crafted to reflect what is most important about the graduating Class of 2019.  Include any tickets to graduation required by your school when you mail your announcements.  Also, be sure to order a few extra as a keepsake.

See tips about the graduation ceremony below.  Shop Jostens to order your custom school announcements for inviting family and friends to the ceremony.

4.  Plan and order For your grad party

Your grad party is celebrates your well deserved graduation achievement!  It is often a memorable time for friends and family to share in your accomplishments and reflect on what was important to you in your high school experience.  Your grad party can be a small, quiet celebration or a large, grand party!  Any celebration you create will be just as memorable. 

Check below for helpful tips on planning the right grad party for you.  Consider sending a Save the Date as early as possible...graduation party season gets busy!

When you're ready to send invites and order supplies, Jostens makes it easy to coordinate your grad party!  Pick from a variety of Photo Card designs - all that can be customized with your school mascot or symbol.  Additionally, some designs let you order party accessories to match your selected card...pick from water bottle wraps to posters! 

5.  Give Thanks

Be sure to thank those that have supported your accomplishment!  Whether they gave you a graduation gift or mentored or coached you, it is important to let your biggest supporters know they are appreciated!  Jostens has several Grad Thank You card options to choose from - grad themed or personalized stationery.  



Graduation Ceremony

Excitement about graduating often ends up with many last minute questions about expectations for the ceremony itself.  The commencement is often an unexpected emotional event.  Be sure to first understand and respect the rules your school outlines for the ceremony.  With all the anticipation - don't forget to take photographs at home prior to leaving & at the ceremony (where allowed) - both individually and with family & friends.

                                        More questions...?


Graduation Party Planning

Planning your graduation party celebration can seem overwhelming!  There are a variety of things to consider - from the date of the party to theme and budget.  Understanding what important elements you want to incorporate can help the task seem less daunting.  

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