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Chanhassen H.S. Graduation Announcement

FINAL Order deadline: Friday, Jan 25

NOTE: Original order deadline has been extended to accommodate the busy holiday season.

Announcements are $1.15 each

Order quantity is as few as 5

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recognize your graduation accomplishment with the formality it deserves…

Your high school graduation is a milestone occasion. You will always remember your years at Chanhassen H.S. and being the Storm Class of 2019! Celebrate your achievement by honoring all the work you’ve put into these last 13 years. The school announcement is generally given to anyone attending your graduation ceremony, and/or any close family & relatives (i.e. grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc…) 

The Chanhassen announcement is exquisitely crafted and printed on fine quality, custom milled paper. The announcement features the the Storm school symbol, gold embossing, and blue foil accents. The school building etching is inside, along with the commencement date, time and place. Be sure to order an extra for a keepsake.

Custom Announcements will not be available to order once the December 21st deadline passes! Don’t delay.

Chanhassen Graduation Announcement order form

The deadline to order custom announcements has passed. An extremely limited quantity may still be available. Please, email us at to inquire.

Cap & Gown

Most students have already submitted their cap & gown measurements at the senior assembly or at the in-school order date. Reservations will be processed once the entire class has submitted their information. You will receive an email confirmation with payment instructions at that time- typically January. If you are ordering your cap & gown with other graduation supplies on your reservation will not be duplicated. If your student did not submit their information you can still make your reservation.


celebrate this year

Take time to enjoy the journey...graduation and your next chapter awaits!  Jostens has everything you need to make your senior year memorable. If you are ready to order everything…you can order convenient grad packages or all senior items directly on!

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