There are a few moments & milestones in life that you will want to remember differently.  Graduating from high school is one of them.  All of the photos and posts are easy to access now...but, years from now physical mementos will help you remember the best moments of this time in your life.  We've found there are a few keepsakes that are able to capture your memories best.  In fact, years after graduation we will receive requests on how to obtain these items.

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There are a select few items you will want to ensure you have for years to come:

  • Graduation Announcement - your custom school announcement will have important features and elements about your school & commencement. Details you won’t remember without it.

  • Keepsake Tassel - your graduation tassel with school colors and graduation year date.

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The class ring is an iconic symbol that capture your moments in high school.  The evolution of the class ring into a variety of jewelry options offers personal style.  With so many options to choose from - your unique design is what make class jewelry a custom keepsake.  Remembering what is important about your high school & your experiences brings to life those memories different than any other piece of jewelry.